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Bacharanianda C. Muthappa & Rani Education Fund/Kodava Koota Achievement Award for High School Students


Kodava Koota High School Achievement Award Winners for 2020

1st Place: Megna Kokkalera ( D/O of Sunil Kokkalera & Suchitha Kuppanda )

Megna Kokkalera is the daughter of Sunil Kokkalera and Suchitha Kuppanda from Barrington IL. She is a Kathak Indian classical dancer with a passion for computer science. She will be pursuing her undergraduate degree this fall at Carnegie Mellon University in PA, and guess in what area…Computer Science!!!

2nd Place: Arjun Gadiyar ( S/O Rajesh Gadiyar & Smitha Paruvangada)

Arjun Rajesh Gadiyar is the son of Rajesh Gadiyar and Smitha Paruvangada from Chandler AZ. He is a quiz competitor, debater, and a musician among other things. He will be pursuing his undergraduate degree this fall at University of California Berkeley CA, in Computer Science

3rd Place: Nia Mallangada ( D/O Prem Mallangada & Sudha Paruvangada)

Nia Mallangada is the daughter of Prem Mallangada and Sudha Parvangada from Manalapan NJ. Throughout her high school years she has been into robotics design and competition at state/world levels. She will be pursuing her undergraduate degree this fall at Rutgers University in NJ, in Computer Science.


Kodava Koota High School Achievement Award Winners for 2019:

1st Place winner – Megha Maran – Daughter of Vanitha Chandura and Lenin Maran from CA. Graduated from Franklin High School in Elk Grove, CA. She has been in to mathematics competitions and diving among other things. She is pursuing Computer Science & Engineering at MIT.

2nd Place Winner – Naina Woker – Daughter of Rekha Paleyanda and Mathias Woker from MA . Graduated from Belmont High School, Belmont, MA. She is a gold award winner in German language school and has been competitive in track and field. She is pursuing Veterinary Medicine at University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

3rd Place Winner – Akhil Pulianda – Son of Chengappa and Preethi Pulianda from CA. Graduated from Centennial High School in Corona, CA. He was into Piano and soccer during his time in high school. He is pursuing Mechanical Engineering at University of California, Irvine.

Koota High School Achievement Award Winners for 2018:

1st Place winner – Bopaiah Paruvangada – Son of Kuttaiah Paruvangada and Pooja Palecanda from NY. Graduated from Horace Greeley High School in Chappaqua NY. Among other things he has been an outstanding swimmer and winner of many awards in swimming. He is pursuing Biological Engineering at Cornell University in NY.