High school achievement award for 2020 announced.

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High school achievement award for 2020 announced.

High school achievement award for 2020 announced.

Bacharanianda C. Muthappa & Rani Education Fund/Kodava Koota Achievement Award for High School Students for 2019 – 2020

1st Place:   Megna Kokkalera ( D/O of Sunil Kokkalera & Suchitha Kuppanda )

2nd Place:  Arjun Gadiyar ( S/O Rajesh Gadiyar & Smitha Paruvangada)  

3rd Place:   Nia Mallangada ( D/O Prem Mallangada & Sudha Paruvangada)


This year there were Six (6) applicants for the three (3) Kodava Koota High School Achievement awards.

In Kodava Koota Board and Advisory (Evaluation) Committees view, all were excellent candidates for the award since all are top performers in their schools, active in their community, highly recommended by their teachers/coaches/guides. So, it was not an easy task for the Advisory committee and the Kodava Koota Board to select the three from these excellent candidates. However, that is what had to be done, and so, the Board and the Advisory committee have selected the candidates for the three awards.

The award will be formally announced at the virtual Kodava Convention on September 5th 2020.

Kodava Koota is very proud of the achievements and congratulate all the participants and winners.

Kodava Koota wishes the very best and look forward for achieving greater things in life and make Kodava Community proud.

Kodava Koota greatly appreciates Bacharanianda Deepak and Divya (children of B.C Muthappa & Rani) for making this donation available through the aforementioned education fund.